Failure to follow any of the directions, recommendations or instructions outlined below could result in production delays in your printing! If you have ANY questions call 954-973-1819 and ask for someone in “Desktop” to help you. Thank you!

We can ONLY accept the following document types:

QuarkXPress, InDesign, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop and Acrobat PDF (with appropriate settings).

Macintosh files are highly recommended as PC fonts can cause text re-flow problems.

Type1 PostScript fonts should be used, avoid TrueType & Multi-Master (MM) fonts where possible.

Be sure to include ALL artwork and fonts used in the job. When sending fonts include both screen (bitmap) and printer (PostScript) versions, including any used in placed art files. We strongly suggest that you use FlightCheck to ensure that all files are sent and collected for output.

Photos or scans should be in CMYK color mode and at 300DPI (high) resolution format as TIFF or EPS. Images found on the internet in JPG or GIF format will not produce pleasing results.

Your color monitor and desktop inkjet printer do not provide an accurate color representation. Thus we will provide an in-house, high resolution, color-corrected and calibrated Epson (or Matchprint) proof for final press-printed colors.

Send files using our new Upload web page. If you do not know your login information please contact your sales representative or contact our desktop department. Files MUST be “stuffed” with StuffIt and compressed into a BinHex (.HQX) archive or ZIP (.zip) to allow them to be sent over the internet properly.